Some Day Is Now International Accomplishments

Since 2009, we have reached many important goals, all which have helped to create positive changes and sustainable growth in South Sudan.

We have distributed over 750 birth kits to expectant mothers, paid school fees and other living expenses for three orphans, raised funds so that a young orphan boy could receive surgery,
paid post-secondary school fees for a young South Sudanese woman who is now working for us, held many successful fund raisers, including; selling calendars, bake sales and participated in an alternative gift fair.

We have made presentations to local churches, businesses, police services, schools and rotary clubs and partnered with organizations such as the Give A Lasting Gift Society, Christian Brothers of East Africa and the Ottawa United Way.
In 2010, two of our board members were interviewed on Vancouver Breakfast TV to raise awareness of the situation of women and girls in South Sudan.