kids next door Project

We are assisting two women and the eight children they care for. We work with the caregivers to ensure the children are healthy, safe and have a bright future.

Santina one of our caregivers is a seventy two year old Sudanese woman who has spent her whole life raising children, who are either orphaned or their families are unable to care for them. Santina is currently caring for two children, Emmanuel and Bakita. Santina cares for the children by herself as she does not have enough money to hire any help.

She is well known and well respected in the community, but does not receive any funding. Some Day Is Now helps her with food, clothing, school fees and medical fees, if needed for the children. With our help, the children attend school and are well cared for.

In December 2011, we met more children we would like to help. A woman named Elham cares for six children between the ages of five and fourteen years. Most of the children are orphans whose parents have died from AIDS. She is a cook and earns a small wage. She struggles to raise the children, but is dedicated to taking care of them and sending them to school.