Veronica Angela Age: 22
Residence: Nzara
Marital Status: Married
No.of Children: 3

Testimony: "I would like to thank Someday Is Now International and its donors for the birth kits and the information they gave us regarding how to use them and where to go for prenatal care. I now have a bouncing baby son (Mbiku) who is free of the virus, something I never thought was possible. Thank you very much and God bless you."

Zeripha Kitabu Age:34
Residence: Napere
Marital Status:widowed
No.of Children:6

Testimony: "I lost my husband three months before I got my baby (Regina Wandu). I already have a child living with HIV and I was certain that Regina would be HIV positive. It was almost like a miracle when I was told that she is HIV negative. Thank you for the education that I got from your workshop and thank you to CMMB for the injections and the medicines. I will always pray for the donors who provided the funds for the kits and workshops."

Dita Kumbo Age:20
Residence: Napere
Marital Status:single
No.of Children:1

Testimony: "I was a primary 8 student in Yambio when I got pregnant from a trader who supplies goods from Juba. He denied that the child was his. When the mobile VCTS came to my village I got tested and was told that I was HIV positive. I was even thinking of ending my life because I have seen what people with AIDS go through. The information I got at your workshops showed me where to look for help. I stayed with my aunt and gave birth in the mission hospital. My baby is HIV negative and I thank you for saving her life."

Joyce Nuba Age:30
Residence: Simba
Marital Status:Married
No.of Children:4

Testimony: "Two of my Children have died already, one from malaria and my last one from AIDS. I wasn't planning on getting pregnant because I know my status. I was informed by my cousin of a workshop organised by SDINI and CMMB. I learnt a lot about the prevention of mother to child transmission and on safe motherhood. I followed all the advice and now I have a HIV negative baby, everyone thinks it is a miracle. "